7 Instagram Accounts that will Inspire You (Universe)

Looking for a daily boost of Universe Inspired Awe, look no further (well, go ahead and look) than these 7 beautiful and jaw-dropping accounts. 


Photographer Göran Strand takes his Astronomy (and sports) quite seriously :) His terrestrial photos give us a great sense of belonging, in this massive beautiful universe. 


A great account, to help you discover other accounts. APOD posts photos for other astronomers and photographers, professional and amateur alike. Anything you see here, will be stunning. 


Great images with natural scenes that encapsulate beautiful sun and moonscapes, with close attention to detail, this account will not disappoint.


Inspiring Beauty both from earth-views and from Deep Space. A perfectly named account. The Universe is sexy.


My favorite artist on the list because Stefano actually paints his Universe Art. and it is insane. Go and watch his time-lapse videos of creating Jupiter, Earth, Mars and more. Go right now! 


Tommy has a brilliant eye for nature, and the natural phenomenons that occur here. The Aurora shots are breathtaking. Go check out his account to get that warm, fuzzy feeling. 


Yuri's infatuation with the stars and Milky Way are well-founded and much appreciated. Yuri adds a nice touch of charm that the universe deserves, and so do you. 

In Conclusion:

So, these are our favorites to date. Do you have any other accounts we should follow or consider for our next list? Send us a DM on Instagram

Keep Looking Up!

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Nathan "The Hawk"
Universe blogger based in West Ireland.